Steel Pegs

A peg refers to any object that is used to hold two or more things together, or to hang things from a line or a wall. Usually made of materials such as wood, metal or plastic, they are more often short and cylindrical in shape.

Pegs also find use by being driven into the ground to hold the corners or ropes of a tent in position. In stringed musical instruments pegs are the objects around which the strings are wound, and they can be turned in order to adjust the tension and to tune the instrument.

Pegs Made of Steel

As mentioned before, there are a variety of materials used in the making of pegs. Steel is one such popular material for many reasons. Steel pegs are popular for various uses due to their strength and durability, and also because they tend to remain rust free. They almost never break. Today, we will be taking a look at some important uses of steel pegs and their advantages.

Steel Pegs for Tents

A tent is usually prepared by the use of pegs driven into the ground, either by attachment directly to the tent material, or by the use of ropes. This helps in maintaining the shape of the tent and also in holding the tent in its place in spite of wind.

Steel pegs for tents are usually the strongest ones available, but can also be pretty heavy. They are best for camping on hard ground when compared to plastic ones, which break to easily. Tent pegs are generally shaped like a spike with a hole or a hook at the top end. Lets take a look at some of the popular shapes of steel tent pegs.

  • Steel pegs with Conical or V-shaped tips and hook extensions allow the end of the hook to be driven into the ground. This reduces the risk of the peg turning in the ground, thereby preventing the rope from slipping off the hook.
  • Some steel tent pegs have fully formed eyes so that the rope can be passed through them. This means the rope will never come off the peg, irrespective of the direction of the peg.
  • Delta-shaped pegs stay level with the ground and offer maximum safety. Such types of pegs always point toward the tent and do not turn.

Steel pegs are great to use for tents, not just due to their strength, but also because they hold well in a variety of weather conditions that could be encountered during camping. They are usually stainless steel or zinc plated.

Other Uses of Steel Pegs

Clothespin pegs made of steel are popular for their durability and rust-free tendencies. Such steel pegs are also frost and heat resistant, making them good for use all year long. Stainless steel clothes pegs make for great wedding and house-warming presents as well!

Steel pegs also found on BMX bikes and aid in the purpose of conducting various tricks such as grinding and other freestyle tricks. These type of pegs are heavy-duty, cylindrical extensions that are screwed on to the bike's axles and allow grinding on rails and ramps.




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