Buying Steel Pegs

Pegs have a variety of uses in our daily lives. While a peg is defined as any object that can be used to hold things together, today we will be talking about steel pegs in particular, and how to go about buying them for use during activities such as camping, or just around the house.

Of the various materials used in the making of pegs (metals, plastic, wood, etc.), steel is one of the most widely used and popular, for obvious reasons. Steel pegs are strong, resistant to rust, and wear well under different environmental conditions.

Buying Steel Pegs for Camping

Are you fond of the wilderness and find yourself camping out more often than not? If yes, you must know how indispensable pegs are in putting up tents to rest for the night. A tent peg is a spike-shaped object having a hook or sometimes a hole at the top and it is driven into the ground for the purpose of holding a tent down. Needless to say, steel is one of the best type of tent pegs to go for.

Buying steel pegs for tents requires some careful consideration. You would need to know about the various types of tent pegs available and also the factors that determine the type of peg you need to use. Lets take a look at some of these factors.

  • The nature of the ground is an important factor to consider before buying steel pegs. For instance, you may be camping on soft soil, hard ground, rocky terrain, sand or snow. The ease with which the peg can penetrate the ground and it's holding or gripping strength is important.
  • The tent itself, it's material weight and size needs to be considered as well.
  • Wind load on a tent is a very important factor, to keep the tent in shape. Hence the weather conditions need to be kept in mind.
  • Since camping often incorporates backpacking, the weight of the tent peg itself needs to be comfortable enough for ease of carrying.

Now that the factors or conditions that influence buying steel pegs for tents have been established, lets talk about the various type of pegs that you can choose from.

  • Tent pegs tend to turn in the ground and this could cause the rope to slip away from the hook. If this could be the case with the type of ground you are camping on, pegs with V-shaped or conical tips and hook shaped extensions can be chosen.
  • You could also end up buying steel pegs that have eyes at the end. This allows the rope to be passed through the eye, and the rope should never be able to come off the peg.
  • The pegs that offer the maximum safety are those that stay level with the ground. The delta-shaped ones are good for this purpose.

Buying Steel Pegs for Home Use

Stainless steel clothes pegs are great for use around the house. Apart from their obvious use, they are great as paper clips, bookmarks and for model making. Buying steel pegs for use at home can be great fun as they are available in a wide variety of interesting shapes, sizes and colors. Clothes peg hangers made of stainless steel also make for a nice purchase.
Steel pegs can be purchased online from several different websites, or from your local hardware store.




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