Sports Tap Steel Pegs

Steel is a very strong material. Used in any machine or piece of equipment and you have a quality product in terms of metal durability. Sports tap steel pegs are often preferred in many sports bikes, bicycles, and even motorcycles because of their durability and strength. There are several different types on the market, since they are used on several different bikes and motorcycles and can be used in different ways. These pegs come in a variety of colors, styles, and textured finishes.

Locations for sports tap steel pegs

Since these steel pegs are used on different bikes and motorcycles, they do get installed in different places on the bike. They are used as foot petals, but some riders like them installed on the front wheel, some like them on the back wheel, some like them on both wheels, and then there is also the buddy foot pegs. The sports tap steel pegs that are made for buddy foot pegs are placed on the bike frame, basically between the bike seat and regular pedals. These are so that an additional person can ride on the bike along with the actual person pedaling the bike.

How most riders use the sports tap steel pegs

The general reason for installing sports tap steel pegs on a sports bike or motorcycle is for doing tricks, street grinding, and transporting. The pegs provide extra places to put your feet and create versatility in using the rest of the bike. For instance, using the pegs placed on the back wheels, the rider may stand on the back pegs and spin the front frame of the bike around. Or they may stand on the rear pegs and pull up on the handlebars to perform a “wheelie”. As far as grinding goes, the steel pegs are ideal for grinding on concrete ledges because of their strength. Standing on the back pegs while grinding is called an “icepick” grind. The most convenient use for the sports tap steel pegs is to transport other passengers. If a passenger stands on the back pegs, they can hold onto the rider’s shoulders while they are riding.

Sports tap steel pegs Installation:

  • Use a ratchet wrench that’ll fit the socket to loosen the nuts around the axle, but don’t remove the washer
  • Lift the bike peg over the axle and place the pegs on each side of the wheel, the pegs should be flat against the base of the axle
  • Secure the nuts, make them as tight as you can
  • Before beginning to ride, check the pegs for their placement, test them out a little, to be sure they are secured

Bike pegs are available in a few different materials other than steel; they come in aluminum or plastic. Since steel is the strongest material of them all, the sports tap steel pegs are the best choice for durability and to ensure they will last through all your tricks, grinds, and giving your friends a ride. These will make your biking experience more fun and convenient.




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