Heavy Duty Steel Pegs

Heavyduty steel pegs are used for big and heavy tents. They can equally be used for other activities that require hefty materials. One category of this type of pegs comes with yellow tops and a silver shaft. It is a ten inch pin of one hundred grams per peg. A pack normally contains up to forty-two pieces. On the whole, it is a heavyweight rock peg. This makes it suitable mostly for outdoor use on hard ground or in rocky areas. This variety is often favored by campers and some tourists. The military and other security units also use it for their training sessions and other related activities.

Various brands can be found on the market. Several of them carry the popular model number 18110. It is a ten inch spike that provides superior quality. It is made from heavy-duty steel and capped with a plastic cover. It can come in packs of either twelve or twenty-five. The twelve packs may also have a variety in content. Some have anchors, regular spikes or stakes. The price starts from $39.99. This model has a limited lifetime warranty.

For customers who would want to make returns, the products must be in new or unused condition. In addition, all the original materials should be returned at once. The safety guarantee on this product requires that some of the orders may be processed via the loss prevention department. In spite of the minimum three day delay, it is the best way to ensure that the goods are carefully handled. Most companies use ground shipping that takes about five to ten business days.

Other customer services for the model number 18110 consist of expedited shipping that ranges from next day through three day deliveries. Like most products the preferred payment method is by credit card. There is a wide variety of carriers to choose from. To maintain customers some vendors offer promotional sales.

Another category is the CLMP125. It is a three piece set with heavy duty steel clamps. It has a one point two-five inch diameter. It usually comes in pairs that weigh about two pounds each. This marque has a chrome finish. It does not allow for much motion or adjustment. Nevertheless, it is relatively cost-effective when it comes to highway peg mounting. Furthermore, it is adaptable to most pegs. It also works on any related engine guard with the same diameter range. Car owners can also purchase it for use with driving lights. It is important to reiterate that they are sold only in pairs at a competitive price of $24.95.

The eighteen inch long heavy duty steel pegs come in a pack of six and are mostly used for tents. They have the shape of a walking cane with pointed nail-like tips that get stuck in the ground. Another type is the PEG061 model. Its multipurpose use makes it very advantageous. It cuts across a range of terrains and events. Its ten inch spikes come in a pack of four.




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