Steel Peg Grinders

There are several options available to use when it comes to steel peg grindersThey are used to grind up a variety of substances, most commonly used with herbs and tobacco.  In addition, for those using medical marijuana, the steel peg grinders are used to grind up the plant prior to smoking it, which helps get rid of the material that is dangerous to inhale. Certainly something you need to do to avoid health issues. With any material used, the pegs act like rows of little teeth that chop and grind the material into smaller pieces for whatever purpose it will be used for. This information on steel peg grinders covers more on herb and tobacco grinders, as they are used in common households.

Steel peg grinders used to crush herbs

Many people in the world use herbs, sometimes on a daily basis. However, they can often be purchased in a form that is not easily used or consumed. Even more so, some people grow their own herbs in gardens, and they dry the herbs themselves, creating a dried plant type product. In order to use such herbs, they need to be ground up into smaller pieces. That’s where the steel peg grinders come into play, to break apart hard and condensed clumps of herbs. This used to be a job done manually with a bowl and crusher; the grinders make this much easier and practical. The grinders even have a compartment that is used to store the herbs after they are crushed which is very convenient.

Variety of steel peg grinders

They come in a variety of colors, styles, and are made of a few different products, such as wood or metal. They are usually found in a circular form, either 2.5 inch or 3 inch in diameter. You can find some with really fun or neat designs on them as well. Some designs you might find are:

  • Deck of casino cards
  • Dollar sign symbol
  • Yin and Yang symbol
  • Eight Ball
  • Southern Flag symbol
  • Many colors too!

Where to buy steel peg grinders

Steel peg grinders are available from most smoke shops. However, with the movement in technology and the World Wide Web, you can search many internet sites to find a variety of styles and colors. You can also compare prices so that you can get the best deal for your money. Two real common websites used are Google shopping and Amazon. These sites will usually pull from many other sites, minimizing the time you have to take to look around and compare. Use the key words “steel peg grinders” or “herb grinders” or even “tobacco grinders” and you’ll have plenty of options and choices. Make sure to read the various descriptions for each grinder so that you can compare the quality, the ability, and what extra options that may be offered by that grinder. Using these websites to compare, you should be able to find a grinder that will accomplish everything you need with your herbs or tobacco.




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