Gym Steel Pegs

Steel is a superior metal product, used in a variety of machines and equipment. There are various different gym steel pegs used in fitness clubs and gyms, probably even your favorite gym down the street. Different steel pegs are used for different things, such as:

  • to hold weights into place
  • inserted into walls to hang items on
  • with peg boards to hold a variety of items.

Gym steel pegs to hold weights into place

There are actually a couple different types of gym steel pegs you may find in your local fitness center. One of the types of steel pegs is used in the middle of weights to hold weight plates, for dumbbells or possibly on a bar bell. Steel is one of the strongest metals. Since weights can get very heavy, a strong material would be needed to ensure the weights stay in place, to secure them from dropping, and keep the user safe. In addition, there are steel pegs that are used on weight machines, such as a Smith machine. These steel pegs stick out at different intervals along the frame of the machine, so that the barbells can rest at different heights along the frame. This allows weight trainers to place the bar at whatever height they want, or to support the barbell while they prepare for their next lift.

Fall mounted gym steel pegs

Many times you may walk into your favorite gym and see steel pegs inserted into brick walls. These might be in the form of a jump rope rack, made completely of steel, with pegs that stick out to hang the jump ropes on. Another variety might be a steel peg rack that holds large plastic rings for hula hoops. These varieties of gym steel pegs provide a lot of versatility and convenience for the gym workers and the patrons of the gym as they hang up their equipment. Many other steel peg racks might be seen from gym to gym.

Gym steel pegs used in peg boards

Another useful item that may be found in some gyms is a peg board, lined with steel, which comes with a set of steel pegs. Peg boards are very convenient and useful as you may put the pegs in any of the peg holes, changing the space between them as you need to, in order to provide storage for nearly anything that can hang from a peg. You can also get the peg boards in varying sizes and space between peg holes. The steel construction of the lined hole and the peg create a lot of stability for hanging your items.

As long as steel is the metal you select for your gym steel pegs, whether you are using them to support your dumbbells, hold up the barbell on a Smith machine, or to hold jump ropes on a rack, steel is the best type of pegs to choose. In a gym, there’s a lot of possibility for injury, especially if weights are falling or dropping off machines and barbells. Using steel pegs will help minimize those types of issues.




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