District Steel Pegs

Transform your scooter with District steel pegs and stand out in the crowd of scooter enthusiasts! District is one of the top selling brands in scooter accessories. Their superior quality and commitment to their products is evident in their new steel pegs. These pegs became available to the public around 2009. They can also be purchased in aluminum if you prefer, but they are one of the most popular pegs on the market. They add a whole new dimension to the scooter experience. Up your game and bust out some new scooter tricks! There are tons of awesome tricks you can do on your scooter. These pegs will help make your ride even smoother, which will help improve your confidence and capabilities. Compliment your scooter or show your style with these awesome steel pegs and ride like the pros!

District steel pegs compatibility

District steel pegs are made especially for the CNC Aluminum District Fork, although they are compatible with all forks. These pegs do fit with all scooters, although it is recommended to use the existing axle on the scooter. However, if the existing axle can’t be used, then a suitable axle or bolt replacement to fit is the next best option. These pegs come with their own axles as well. If you get steel pegs, you get steel axles and vice versa with aluminum. The aluminum axles do come with colored axles to match your peg, although they aren’t the strongest axles to use with your pegs.

Quality of District steel pegs

District is well known for their quality products. The District steel pegs are not an exception to this rule. These are made for durability and performance. The steel pegs are stronger than aluminum but they are heavier than the aluminum. These steel pegs are incredibly sturdy, great for grinds and stalls. You will feel more confident when doing your tricks, knowing your equipment is just as serious about riding as you are.

Specifications for the District steel pegs

  • Strong, durable material – no backing down here
  • Only weighs 45 grams (or 1.59 ounces) keeping your scooter light and super mobile
  • Comes with a free steel axle….yeah, I said FREE!
  • Available in Chrome – the slickest pegs on the market
  • Black steel pegs come with laser etched District logo

District steel pegs are strong, versatile, and highly compatible pegs to use in your scooter. Not to mention, they add so much style while keeping your scooter super light. These pegs are easy to install and can have you riding in no time. Be the envy of all those other scooter riders and leave them in the dust as you improve your tricks and skills on your scooter, knowing your steel pegs have your back. As if being the hottest steel pegs out there wasn’t enough, you even get a free District sticker with each steel pegs package, what a bonus! Get your steel pegs today and show everyone else on the block, just who is the scooter riding king of the road.




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