Steel Ground Pegs

Steel ground pegs are used in many events. Most of them are used for gardening and other horticultural related activities. They are manufactured from galvanized steel. They are good for safeguarding Victorian cloches, for netting and for supporting other materials used in nurseries. The most common size is the seven inch long one. They come in packs of ten. The pins in question here can be used for various purposes because they are made from durable materials. They hold down covers as well as all grades, shapes and sizes of nets. They also fit general garden uses. Apart from this, campers also like using them because of their convenience. One is always advised to keep an extra supply in case of an emergency.

Though they may look fragile they are capable of being used in many different activities or events that require pegging. They have been proven to withstand tough weather conditions. Additionally, they are easy to use and do not require much leverage to put them in place.

Another unusual but interesting use for steel ground pegs is in the sports domain. They are specially fabricated as accessories for football goalposts. These come with pushbutton connections. This particular model is identified by its number SS7012. It has the following specifications. The goal dimensions stand at eight by five by three feet. It has a heavy duty frame with powder coating. To boost its capacity, it has an all-weather black PE goal net. It consists of a four inch mesh. To make its assembly easy too, the set has convenient Velcro fasteners with it. Thus the heavy pins do an effective job keeping the goal post in place at all times. Because of its wide and effective use, it is often ordered in packs of five hundred to a thousand pieces.

To ease marketing, most vendors of this product have a show room. They operate on regular hours like every other kind of business. The high demand for this product allows for orders to be placed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This also means that production is an ongoing process. It further implies that the quality is constantly being improved. Evidence of this is the many positive reviews.

For shoppers who cannot visit a physical show room, they can make virtual tours and still receive maximum satisfaction. There are also online as well as hard copy catalogues that can be sent out upon request. The after sale follow up also heightens the value of the product in question here. Dealers readily assist with trouble setting up. This may not be always called for, since most of the kits do have simple to follow set up manuals.
Another class of steel ground pegs are the heavy duty stainless steel design. These are the hot dip galvanized ones. They are easy to fix as well. They equally have durable surface treatment. The manufacturer describes the product as beautiful and elegant. This can be seen on highway road signs.





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